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6 reasons why you should buy apartments in Gudauri

Posted by admin on February 26, 2021

Gudauri is a high-class ski resort at an elevation of 2,200 meters above the sea level, located in Georgia. The popularity of the resort  is increasing  year after year and becoming one of the best ones in Eastern Europe. There are multiple reasons why you should buy a house in Gudauri and we will uncover those in the text below.

Affordable prices

Apartments in Gudauri are obtainable. You can buy an apartment in Gudauri for as little as US$ 30,000. It all depends on your priorities: may it be  a big house with a dining area or just a tiny place to sleep. Of course, the location and the quality of the property affects its price greatly. The average price of 1 square meter of apartments in Gudauri merges between 1000$ and 1600$. The price depends on whether you opt for the center of Gudauri or the outlying districts.

Take into consideration that buying a property at an early stage of construction can save you a fortune. When the house is completed and connected to all the utilities, the price goes up.

It’s not just a property, it is a business 

For many owners, apartments in Gudauri are not only property, it is the way of making money. Gudauri is a very well-known ski resort for Georgians and foreigners alike. Georgia is a beloved place for tourists. The number of visitors in 2019 was above 8  millions.

Every Year, hundreds of thousands of people are visiting Gudauri and renting accommodation. When you start searching Gudauri apartments for sale, keep in mind that you may earn money with that purchase.

Huge opportunities for skiing

The relief of Gudauri amazes people from all over the world. Gudauri enables you to find a wide diversity of slope steepness – from gentle tracks for beginners to extremely steep (up to 50°) for professionals. There are 20 skiing tracks which are more than 70 km. You may also find high quality powder around the place.

Developed infrastructure

The development of Gudauri is one of the top priorities in Georgia. Every year millions of dollars are spent on the expansion of the existing infrastructure of the resort. Gudauri develops like no other resort in Georgia. 15 years ago in Gudauri, there were only 13 hotels, but now there are dozens of accommodation offerings. 

Skiing infrastructure is made by one of the best Austrian company “Doppelmayr”.  There are gondola lifts and standard ski lifts as well.

There are restaurants, supermarkets, filling stations, ski rentals, medical centers, SPA-centers, night clubs, ski equipment shops, and even brand shops located in Gudauri.

Long and mild winter

When you start searching apartments for sale, you may think that it is only positioned as a winter resort, whereas  some sports are also available in summer, like mountain cycling, paragliding and hiking. Also take into consideration, that winter in Gudauri lasts for almost half a year. From November till the end of April winter sports are booming in Gudauri. The unique microclimate of Georgian ski resorts (Greater Caucasus Range on the North, Black, and Caspian Seas on West and East) guarantees heavy snowfalls from December till April. 

Even if you are worried about the climate changes there is one very important piece of news: every year artificial snow-making systems are installed in Gudauri. So even the snowless winters is no longer an issue.

No bureaucracy

Buying Gudauri apartments is very easy. The process of purchasing the real estate in Georgia is fast and transparent. Georgia is 7th among 190 countries in the World Bank Doing Business 2020 ranking.

Property rights are registered at the House of Justice or via an agent, which can be a bank, a notary public, or a realtor. The registration process takes between one and four days only. The amount of the state duty that you choose to pay has a direct bearing on the speed of property rights registration:

  • 50 Gel — 4 business days;
  • 150 Gel – 1 business day;
  • 200 Gel – the property rights are registered on the day of application.

These are multiple reasons why you should consider searching for   apartments for sale right now. Buying property in Gudauri is a great investment and privilege as well.

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