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What should we consider when buying an apartment?

Posted by admin on November 16, 2021

How do you imagine your dream home? Large balconies, beautiful views, cozy space, we can talk a lot, but there are some details that are common to all homes and should definitely be taken into consideration. We can’t say that buying an apartment is an easy process, because we have to take many details into account, and if we do not choose our living space properly, we soon have to change it, moving from one place to another, which is quite tedious and time consuming. So to avoid such cases when buying a house, you must consider the following details:


We know that location is very important when choosing a house, but the location should be considered in several directions, first location of the residential complex and then the apartment.

 When choosing a home, choose the right location for yoy, close to your pharmacy, bank and product stores.

If, for example, you travel by public transport, you should make sure that the stop is close to your home so that you can easily move around, or guests can easily come to you.

You also need to think about which side of the building you choose to live in, the middle or the corners of the building, however both have their advantages. For example, apartments in the middle of the building are warmer, while apartments in the corner allow you to more summer space. You should also consider whether you prefer to buy a house on the side or away from the road, if you have children and buy an apartment on the inside of a residential complex, where there is also a children’s square, you will be able to feel comfortable and keep an eye on them.

And also, before you buy a house it will be good to check the space you choose in different weather conditions, for example, during the rain, you will understand how much water enters the balcony, or whether it is the so-called rainy side. When the wind blows, it’s important that the air flow does not hit the windows directly, and in good weather you can easily understand what part of the day the sun will be on your balcony, or how warm and bright your space will be. Do not forget that bright spaces have a positive effect on person’s mood and productivity.


  One of the most important details when choosing a home is the view from the house. So you should definitely make sure that the view you choose will not be covered by a building in a few years.


We know that the price of an apartment varies according to the floors, so think carefully about what you need more and use the money rationally.

Quiet environment

We need quiet environment to recover energy after a tiring day, so when choosing a home we should consider how close it is to the road, school, football field or other, to create the most cozy living space for us and avoid unnecessary noise

What material are the walls made of?

When buying an apartment, we pay the most attention to its layout, but here one question must be asked – what material are the walls made of? If the building block is energy efficient, it means that your utility bills will be lower, if it is environmentally friendly, you will avoid health problems in the future, and if the building material provides sound isolation, you are guaranteed to live in a quiet environment, so this question is definitely worth asking.

Proper use of space

When you enter the apartment you may soon be fascinated by its layout, design, view, it is true that the first impression is important, but you should definitely think about your needs, you may not need 2 bedrooms or a large kitchen at all, so think about your lifestyle, what  you do at home during the day and then arrange the spaces tailored to you

Ceiling height

A high-ceilinged house or a standard height? For many people, a high ceiling is visually more beautiful, but before you make that decision, you need to think carefully about how practical it is. High-ceilinged houses are more expensive, more expensive to arrange because we can’t use standard-sized doors and windows or other details, and because of the large space it requires more resources for heating, which naturally increases utility bills.


As for the balconies, we all agreed that the existence of summer space is necessary for all of us, especially if you are going to live in a multi-storey apartment, but you must correctly determine how many squares will meet your needs and try to use the space properly.

Space for children

And if you have children, or are planning to have them in the future, when choosing a home you should definitely consider whether your home has a green space, a square or any entertainment space for children, one that will be away from the road and cars. This way you will calmly let the child play outside and help them in socializing.

Security measures

Be sure to check the safety measures in the building, how solid the building is. You should know in advance how to act in case of fire, earthquake or other cases and how to escape from the building peacefully


Since the existence of a parking space is a general problem in Georgia, when buying a house, think carefully about whether it will be an obstacle for you in the future or not. If you can afford to buy a parking space together with the apartment, this will save you money and in the future you can also earn extra income, for example, by renting a parking space for a neighbor

Relationship with the company

When buying an apartment from a company, be sure to find out everything about them, check out their site and social networks. You will get the best information from their real users, so try to find them or check the company’s social network, you will definitely find someone who will provide you with the information you need.

Also find out what kind of relationship you will have with the company from which you are buying an apartment. After buying an apartment, the main question is – will the company take care of your residential complex in the future? You should definitely ask this question, because carelessness can reduce the price of your space and your investment may be wrong in the future.

And if you are buying a house and it is a temporary residence for you, be sure to think about its future use, how easy and profitable it will be to rent it, be sure to ask the company how it behaves in such cases and if they  help customers to rent an apartment.

You already know the basic things to consider when buying an apartment, now it’s time to start choosing your dream home, and we have some interesting offers for you.

good luck!

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