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Dar Tower

Dar Tower,
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  • განახლების დრო:
  • თებერვალი 14, 2021

“Dar Building” presents a new innovative project “DarTower” in  Batumi.

“DarTower” is located 150 m from the sea. The location of “Dar Tower” makes it even more attractive because it is located in the most developing part of Batumi, on the second coastline, near New Boulevard, the House of Justice and the Dancing Fountains. Pedestrian paths, bike paths and various restaurants and night clubs are also available.

The complex includes two buildings of different architectural forms:

22-story (A2) and 35-story (A1) buildings.

“Dar Tower” is one of the most ambitious and special projects of DAR BUILDING. The multifunctional complex includes everything you need for a premium lifestyle:

  • Premium apartments;
  • The first 16 floors of the tower and first 4 floors of the 35 story building are for the hotel and infrastructure;
  • Underground parking (2);
  • Outdoor pool;
  • spa;
  • Fitness;
  • Casino;
  • Restaurants and cafes;

The 4-star Ramada Plaza Hotel Windham, consisting of 128 rooms, will be located up to the 17th floor of the tower, and VIP class apartments from 17 to 35 floors. The management of apartments in the tower will be handled by the Swiss management company Sophos hotels, and in another part, our company.

Maintenance and proper care of the complex and its surroundings is a prerequisite for maintaining the functionality and attractiveness of the complex. Dar Tower provides the necessary maintenance services for the complex.

The service includes the following package of services:

  • Administrator service;
  • Object security;
  • Maintenance;
  • Cleaning service;
  • 24/7 Video surveillance, etc.

The cost of the service is $ 1 per square meter

The prices of apartments of a hotel type start from $ 750.

Condition of the apartment at the time of delivery of the building:

  • Construction and installation works – completed;
  • Roof, facades – completed;
  • Adjacent territory – landscaped;
  • Elevators – installed (2-2);
  • Common areas, staircase – painted and lined;
  • On the exterior – metal-plastic (or aluminum) doors and windows with double-glazed windows are installed;
  • An iron entrance door to the apartment is installed (with a wooden or artificial wooden surface and a lock);
  • Balconies – tiled;
  • Highlighted the contours of the walls inside the apartment;
  • Floor in the apartment – screed;
  • Ceiling height-3m;
  • Underground garage;
  • Water – with an individual meter connected to the apartment;
  • Sewerage – the main riser is connected to the apartment; central, vertical sewer risers installed;
  • Ventilation duct – for all apartments;
  • Electricity – with an individual meter held in the apartment. held to the apartment
  • Natural gas is delivered to the apartment (22 storey building)
  • Cable television, telephone and internet lines are drawn to the apartment;


       Construction will be completed at the end of 2020.

       Ramada Plaza by Windham”  will be opened in 2022.

The terms of payment as well as the pricing policy are flexible: you can pay with a one-time payment or with a schedule of internal interest-free installments.

Internal installments: the minimum down payment is 0-50% of the cost, the remaining amount can be divided, including December 2022,.

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